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09 August 2008 @ 11:58 am
Just fucking unreal.  
Last night I got home from work and relaxed a bit, grabbed some dinner, did some chores. My mother is away at her parents house (little relaxation trip) for a few days, so I was watching the house last night. My father ends up getting one of his fever things, where his temperature goes way up and down, and he gets these tremors. They're pretty serious because he's so freaking fragile (which, I will remind you, is more or less his own fault.) Basically to make a long story short I ended up staying awake until 5am taking care of him, which is stressful and not fun.

So this morning at 11:20, my phone rings, thus waking me up from a sound slumber. (Sound slumber=might as well have been dead) I don't pick it up, but whoever it is leaves a message. No one EVER leaves me messages, because I never return them. I decide to wake my aching body (I find out I have a massive headache by now) and listen to the message. It's my manager at work, saying that I was supposed to be at work today on the bookfloor from 11 to 3pm today.

AAAAAAHHHHH HELL NAHHHHH. (...sorry I've been watching too much boondocks)

I call that bitch back and I say "WHAT do you MEAN I'm working on the BOOKFLOOR today?!"
So she starts bitching at me that she scheduled me to work at the cashwrap today because she needed the back up. The dialog went something like this.

C: I wasn't aware I was working the bookfloor anymore. I was told I was going to be working in Music ONLY from now on. It's been that way for more than a month now and YOU were the one who told me that.

M: I needed you up there because of everyone going on vacations! It was posted on the music schedule for TWO WEEKS. There was a note on the music schedule saying to check the other schedule. I posted it TWO WEEKS AGO!!

C: Alright, well that's not my problem. And HOW could you have posted it on the music schedule two weeks ago when Karen just posted our schedule for this week TWO DAYS ago?

((Haha. Got you there, bitch.))

M: Well, I can see if maybe I didn't write it up there, but it's up on the board for the bookfloor!

C: Well, I didn't know about this. Karen gives me my schedule personally, and I photocopy it. I have no reason to look on the bookfloor schedule anymore. My name isn't even up on it, because I work exclusively on the MUSIC floor, remember?

(long pause here)

C: ...Alright, well sorry, I can't make it in today.

M: You're not coming in?

C: Nope.


And then that fatherfucker HANGS UP ON ME.


So that's what I had to deal with today.

Side note: Karen is my Music Manager. She's a wonderful, caring woman with a beautiful heart whom I am SURE will be sitting next to Jesus Christ (and my mom) up in heaven when she dies.

Not a great start to my day, but as a certain someone told me, screw them. Just screw them.

And in my opinion, they can all go fuck themselves for all I care. I'm sick of this shit. This is getting SOOO old. Anywho, I'm planning to completely enjoy my day, and I'm totally not going to hibernate in my house for fear of being seen by a fellow employee. I hope my store manager sees me in Taisho's, eating my expensive sushi and drinking my imported japanese wine, because this is THEIR fault. Not mine.

Good day to you.
Hören: Combichris- IN THE PIT.
cassie was a mess.: [anime]: tanoshikattaaasainterre on August 9th, 2008 05:00 pm (UTC)
XD! Go, Carly! I fully support your "Fuck 'em!" attitude, and hope you have the most fabulous day off. :)
corpseblossumcorpseblossum on August 9th, 2008 10:04 pm (UTC)
XD THANK YOU!! *hugs* It has been fabulous thus far. I BOUGHT NEW JEANS. I NEVER CAN FIND NEW JEANS!!!
the_ren77: Horo.....nani!?the_ren77 on August 10th, 2008 12:02 am (UTC)
What dah FAWK!? Damn right! You tell em ><
Deez nutz all up in his mouth!!

corpseblossumcorpseblossum on August 10th, 2008 12:17 am (UTC)
ami_lee: Toph is Melon Lord!ami_lee on August 14th, 2008 04:06 pm (UTC)
you stick it to the (wo)man!!
i hope you enjoyed your well-deserved day off :)