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06 August 2008 @ 03:52 am
Fiction Update (and some other items of interest)  
WOW. I am really behind on everything.
A friends post made me realize that I haven't really updated any of my fiction, even though I am writing it. For seriously. I am. I just haven't typed anything in a long while. So here's a little update on upcoming chapters and such. Tomorrow I plan on getting a lot of this done and hopefully posted by the end of the week. My main focus... TITLES, GODDAMNIT. I can NEVER think of good titles. I swear by the end of the day tomorrow THESE WILL BE TITLED! (aaaahhhh titlllleeeeeessssssssssssss *meltz*)

1. Request fics- I have two of these. There's the one about how Kain got his horrible fear of water. That one is DONE! The only problem is that I'm just reworking all the flaws. Then it'll be ready to be typed and posted. The second one about the Lederhosen... haven't even started or planned for it. Sorry. :)

2. Fic with Mathias and Eicca- reworking next chapter and is next in line to be typed.

3. Fic with Kain and Azure (the one i'm taking forever to write... wait I take forever on everything I write.) I...Uh... Have yet to start writing the next chapter.

So that's my fic update.
OH and one more thing.
I'm pretty sure that this journal is going to be FRIENDS ONLY very soon. I have my reasons, and they're legitimate. Sorry, but there are just certain people who I don't want reading my shit. So in upcoming days, you'll have to be on my flist in order to read anything in here. THAT MEANS YOU HAVE TO GET AN LJ ACCOUNT.
I know there are a lot of my friends and a lot of other people who've been waiting for updates on my stories, and I'm sorry about this, but really it's getting way too annoying having these people stalking me. For seriously. If you don't want to get an LJ, email me and I'll send you my new stuff.

OK, now that that's over.


1. Cooking! (Spaetzle, Cauliflower Soup with saffron, Chili... und Einsalat fur die morgen.)
2. Writing (see above)
3. Get pictures. I have no pictures. I need pictures. Mathias has yet another new face up.

And I think that'll be enough to keep me occupied on my ONLY day off this week.
Which means tomorrow my house is going to be one huge, delicious smelling stereo, because I'm going to be blasting the shit out of my neighborhood with Combichrist whilst making delicious foodstuffs. From the foods library.

Other than that, I spent my day eating grape jolly ranchers and shelving an endless amount of CD's.

That is all.

I need to go to sleep now, before I decide to pull an all-nighter (which as we speak I am tempted to pull)
Hören: Combichrist- Get your Body Beat